company NEWS FEED

Stay up to date with 'what's happening' on your projects by viewing them on the 'News Feed'.

This is the landing screen users will see once logged in.

Combined with the ability to comment, 'like' or share, your company can have it's very own social network, in a format familiar to many.





stay organised with project groups

Projects are sub-categorised, providing a logical user experience when navigating your app.

We've made it easy for an administrator to add, edit or delete a Project Group - all from the palm of their hand.


flexible project lists

Within a Project Group is the list of Projects.

As each user has a different viewing permission, no two phone screens will appear the same.

We've kept this in mind, and designed ProjectFile to accommodate a flexible user experience - users can easily pick up their favourite project and move to the top of the screen.

This flexible logic also applies to Groups, Albums and Members.

Adding, editing, moving or deleting a Project is a simple administrative task - also from the palm of your hand.



project home page

Use the Project 'Home' page to display key information about the project, like the Client name or address (linked to Apple Maps).

All fields on this page can be customised to present only the information your company wants to display.

Leave notes on the 'Home' page to alert viewersof any important news or updates.

8. Stay Connected.png

allow stakeholders to stay connected

Member Groups and members can be added to each project - a great feature for projects with multiple stakeholders.

With this shared project address book, you or your employees will never need to search for names, phone numbers or emails relating to a project.

You can provide your clients with this high level of service - and rest assured they won't be seeing your entire address book. Security Permissions ensure your clients view only specific groups.



shared albums

On a personal device, a user would normally take a photo, then allocate it to an album. ProjectFile however works in reverse.

Users must first enter a share project album to take, or upload a photo. This enforces organisation, especially when you could a have 10's of users contributing to the one project.

We understand that not all shared albums are for common viewing. ProjectFile allows Album Permissions to be adjusted per user. This feature allows you to create private albums for "your eyes only", unbeknown to the rest of the users (commonly used for defects).


Photos taken on the app are immediately pushed to the cloud for secure storage.

By moving to the cloud, it facilitates updates to all devices simultaneously, and instantly.




The 'Photos' tab is similar to the camera roll on your iPhone.

Essentially, a compilation of all photos, from all albums, from all phones for that particular project, sorted by date.




ProjectFile has the option at setup to imprint a date stamp on all photographs.

Commonly needed for contractual compliance, this feature assures your clients that an open and honest relationship exists, one built on transparency.

This feature is excellent for end of project dilapidation reports, extension of time claims, or any other compliance based inspection.



SHARING & Notifications

Sharing photos is very simple, mirroring the Apple iOS user experience.

Simply select the photos your want to share, and tap the 'share' tab.

19. Share Photos.png
14. Notifications.png