Have your own app developed with zero risk.

ProjectFile is a 'template' developed by APG Creations; challenging conventional App development.

With an 'off-the-shelf' approach, combined with structured pricing, creating your very own app can now be done with zero risk.

Take your company branding to the next level with an iPhone App, allowing your customers to access your photos in a leading medium.

Whether you’re building a block of apartments or bespoke jewellery, showcasing your work has never been easier.

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'Skinning' the ProjectFile template with your company branding is the first step towards delivering your app.

Company logos, background images, colour themes, email notifications (and more) are all customised to suit your own branding standards. 

Simply upload your branding collateral, or let us help out with design. 


your app for downloading

Once we've 'skinned' the ProjectFile template with your company branding, we upload to the App Store. 

Your users will search the store for your app, and with the tap of a button download to their phone. 

There's no confusing third party to explain to your users - it's your app.


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your private, secure cloud server

ProjectFile has partnered with Amazon Web Services.

We provide each client with a designated cloud based server, providing secure environment to store your photos.

Only contacts with a username and password can access the content in your app. Alternatively, for non-sensitive material you can use the optional Guest Login feature.




your control of content

With administrator privileges, you are in control of your content. Creating new groups, projects, or albums is incredibly simple.

Unlike a website, maintaining content is easily done on your iPhone.

15. Content Management.png
11. Upload your content.png

12. Contact Management.png

your contact management

The ProjectFile uses the in-built contact directory to maintain user permissions.

Permissions are maintained by an administrator to grant either 'read' or 'write' access. This feature too has been made mobile friendly for simple administration on the go.

16. Contact Example.png